• Summer

    September 18-21, 2017

    $550 - 900

  • Where and what?

    This retreat was just for women who create art or products by

    hand AND / OR wanted to learn from some awesome women who do!

    September 18-21st, 2017 | Camp Four Echoes, Worley, Idaho

  • Camp Four Echoes

    A classic Girl Scout summer camp

    photo cred park road photography

  • Workshops

    Natural Skincare 101​

    This workshop will cover an array of introductory topics ranging from chemistry to beauty and wellness. Each gal will receive an awesome primer including recipes, cheat sheets, and sustainable supplier info, as well as a set of custom pampering products we will be making in the workshop!

    Hike and Paint

    Sarah, freelance artist and illustrator, will be hosting a workshop on plein air style watercolor painting in nature. In this workshop we will discuss what materials travel well for plein air style painting, how to pick out a good spot to stop and paint. We will all hike into one spot in the woods to create a 5x5 inch painting of the same view and come back and discuss all the different ways we all interpreted the same view. Paint materials donated by Ruby Mtn Paint Co. and Hushwing Watercolors

    Creative Collaborations

    Araya Jensen, owner and designer of Willful Goods, will be hosting a workshop on creative collaborations and how to make to most of them. Some guidelines, stories and an open discussion on the topic!

    Patterns on Porcelain

    Linda Lopez, ceramic artist, will provide participants abstract, bisqued porcelain forms to be activated through pattern and mark making using a variety of ceramic decorating techniques. After embellishing, Linda will bring the objects back to her studio, fire them, and ship them to yah! Materials donated by Amaco!

    Sustainability in Fashion

    Kathryn Sieve, owner and designer of Winsome Goods, will be running a workshop on sustainability in fashion through purchasing habits, wardrobe maintenance and basic tailoring!

    Wilderness Basics

    Marie Spencer of Chandra Botanicals and her aunt who’s been living off the land / her farm in Montana for over 15 years will be teaching a fun approachable introduction to outdoor skills workshop! Activities include but are not limited to: Avoiding toxic plants and some that are useful, Fire lighting, What to do if you get caught in the cold or heat or extreme weather, What to do if approached by a threatening animal!


  • Evening story time

  • Sponsors!

    Thank you so much for supporting our first retreat!