• Summer

    September 14-17, 2018, Adirondack Camp, Putnam Station, New York

  • This retreat is for female makers, doers and entrepreneurs. And for those who want to learn and connect with other women up to cool things!

  • Adirondack Camp

    Adirondack is an overnight summer camp for boys and girls. It's hidden away in the ancient New England bedrock of the Adirondack Mountains, surrounded by the crystal clear waters of world famous Lake George in upstate New York!

  • Workshops

    Handwoven Baskets

    Bekka Palmer, owner of Closed Mondays, is an artist, photographer and textile designer.


    * She'll be running a basket-making workshop and speaking about her life, business and how making things by hand can be a form of meditation. She has a lot of thoughts about running a profitable business and maintaining your humanity, so we'll probably talk about that, too.

    Get your Shi$$ Together

    Kailee Ogden owns a financial planning practice in Minneapolis, MN and specializes in working with female entrepreneurs and busy professionals to create financial plans that align their spending with their values. Kailee currently works with shelters across Minnesota to provide financial planning services to victims of domestic violence, and her personal practice funds a savings match and grant program to help survivors rebuild their lives free from abuse.


    * Women are going to rule the world this year (right, ladies??) so let’s prep for financial freedom. In this workshop she'll talk about spending plans, financial goals, paying off debt & student loans. And how to have a healthy relationship with money and saving for the future. You’ll also get a free 1-on-1 follow up session with her!


    Kassie Scribner


    Kassie Scribner is a designer and embroidery artist based in the not-so-wild-west (also known as Salt Lake City, Utah). By day, she is an art director at Adobe, and on her off hours, she stretches her legs (well, hands) working on lettering, illustration, and her favorite, embroidery. Outside of the interactive and traditional design worlds, Kassie is also the President of the Salt Lake Chapter of AIGA.


    * In this workshop, she'll teach us a handful stitches and some great tips on making amazing embroidered art that can be added to pillows, clothing, or hung on the wall as a finished piece. This workshop is perfect for those looking to learn how to stitch, or folks just looking to have a fun time creating a sampler. You will also have your choice of many different colors of thread so you can customize your hoop to fit with your home decor.

    Hike + Paint

    Kirsten Cooner


    Kirsten Cooner is the founder of the handmade watercolor brand, Hushwing Watercolors. She is passionate about inspiring creatives by offering them tools to execute their ideas and meet their goals. Her background in studio art and art history informs her business, providing a unique spin on modern art supply production. 


    * During the workshop we will focus on encouraging innovative thinking and problem solving through painting. We will spend time learning a few watercolor painting techniques before heading outdoors to put our creativity to work through nature journaling. Afterward, we will come back together to discuss how we can apply creative concepts learned through painting to our own individual projects and ambitions.

    Film Photography 101

    * Instructor coming soon!

    In this workshop we'll go over the basics of how to get into shooting film. What cameras and film should I choose? Tips and tricks? Should I use a light meter etc. Many more details to come!

  • Two post dinner

    speakers coming soon!

    Our talks are typically related to what it takes to be an entrepreneur in the world making

    things with hands, the outdoor industry or the non-profit sector!