• Winter

    Tall Timber Ranch, Leavenworth, WA

    Evening of Feb 26th - morning of March 1st

  • An outdoorsy unplugged retreat for creative doers and makers. And for those who want to learn from and collaborate with some neat folks doing neat things. We'll have a couple workshops each day and story telling at night. When we aren't warming up and chatting in the lodge you can get lost in the mountains cross country skiing, snow shoeing and sledding on the camps private trail system!

  • Workshops + Speakers

    One more workshop will be announced as the event gets closer!

    Katie Boué

    Outdoor Stewardship


    Katie Boué is a latina outdoor activist, freelance social media manager, public speaker, and full-time public lands advocate. "Social media is a powerful tool–from Instagram to Twitter. As outdoor storytellers, we regale our audiences with tales of adventure and wild spaces–and as we benefit from the content created on public lands, we are also beholden to a responsibility to use our voices to protect them. From tackling big issues like national monument designations to encouraging responsible trail stewardship, learning how to weave outdoor advocacy into our content creation is vital to the continued success and growth of the outdoor community." In this workshop, we'll talk about some of the biggest issues in the outdoors today, and how we can use our voices on social media (and beyond) to make an impact.

    Tyler Barstow

    Co-Founder of

    Vinyl Me, Please


    Tyler Barstow is a co-founder of Vinyl Me, Please and currently heads up their creative content and brand initiatives. Prior to VMP he worked for a variety of start ups with a focus on customer support and business development. He currently lives in Denver, CO and listens to The National more than you do.

    Tatiana Oliveira Simonian

    Head of Entertainment + Media at Tumblr


    Tatiana is Head of Entertainment + Media at Tumblr by way of Head of Music at Twitter. She is: a Latina, also Armenian, a musician, a meditator and yogi with an imperfect practice, the founder of Womentorship.net, a TedX speaker on embracing silence and a big proponent of self care and making space in an over-connected world. She'll be talking about the power of Diffuse Thinking - how letting your mind wander can solve all your problems and enhance your creativity.

    Erin Rose Belair

    Creative Writing


    Erin works as an essayist, travel writer, and ad copyist. "I don’t subscribe to one genre. I do it all or I try, some things better than others. Songwriting and essays, short stories, travel, ad copy, memoir, poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and even I’m even currently working on a novel." This workshop is designed to get your writing muscles moving, no matter your aim, your interest, or your skill level.

    Winsome Goods

    Sustainability in Fashion Workshop

    Kathryn Sterner, owner and designer of Winsome Goods, will be running a workshop on sustainability in fashion through purchasing habits, wardrobe maintenance and basic tailoring!

    Red Porch Kid

    Singer, songwriter and producer making

    Indie Rock music in Nashville

    (He's going to play for us!)

    "Michael Stovall, under the name Red Porch Kid, has crafted something pretty spectacular on his new solo project Rocketship. The entire album mixes ambient and Americana together to create a beautiful, folky, airy production. It's not unlike Bon Iver's ambitious 22, A Million, and at first listen seems at least somewhat influenced by the music of The Gray Field Recordings (at least, I hope so)..." via Noisey


    * Michael is going to play a private show for us and then Tyler (above) will interview him for the Vinyl Me, Please blog!

    Jamey Erickson



    Jamey is a long time backyard astrophotography nerd and will be leading a workshop around capturing amazing astro-photos from your own backyard. Whether you’ve got an iPhone or a full manual control DSLR, we’ll explore the pros and cons of capturing with each. We’ll talk about telescopes, camera types, the process for capturing and even some of the software you can use to process these images. If the weather permits, we’ll even try to get outside one night for some viewing and image capturing.

  • Tall Timber Ranch

    in Leavenworth, WA

    Leavenworth has been rated the best Christmas town in America for years and I can definitely see why. The Tall Timber Ranch camp specifically is a cozy winter/summer camp known for its winter beauty. It's tucked away in a beautiful mountain valley surrounded by glacier rock and the tallest evergreens you've ever seen.

  • All inclusive tickets

    • Coach bus ride to and from camp from Seattle Intl. Airport
    • 3 nights lodging
    • Meals and snacks
    • Workshops and materials
    • Winter activities

    * Other added benefits: free 6-month Big Cartel membership, Cotopaxi pack, soap and other goodies from Juniper Ridge and Waam Industries!

    Bus details

    Arrive to Seattle Int Airport: 

    Monday, Feb 26 @ 1:30pm, bus will leave at 2pm sharp


    Depart camp: 

    Thursday March 1st, you will get to airport @ 1:00pm


    * Driving or want to carpool?

    If you are carpooling or driving please do not arrive before 5/5:30pm.

    Food & Beverage

    Private chef with local, healthy ingredients. As for alcohol, camp is BYOB. Please reach out if you have food allergies, we can accommodate most; there will be vegan, dairy free, and GF options at each meal


    Classic youth winter camp accommodations, think nice and clean bunk beds and heated cabins. You'll need to bring your own sleeping bag, pillow and towel.


    Yep, like always this event is in a remote location with no internet or cell reception.

    Code of conduct, must read!

    Please read our code of conduct before coming!

  • Tickets!

    Shared Cabin (3+)
    $600.00 - $700.00
    Tickets are non-refundable but are transferable. There will be coed, all-lady, and all-male cabins created. If you would like to be in the same cabin with certain people reach out!
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    Private Room (1 or 2)
    $800.00 - $900.00
    Tickets are non-refundable but are transferable.
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