• I’ve always been someone who values authentic connection and I have always been drawn to the outdoors. Lately, I’ve found myself yearning for more of both. In a time where we seem more connected than ever, many of us are grasping more than ever for true authentic connection.


    Lodged Out was created to strip away the noise of daily life and devices. It exists to bring like-minded people to the mountains, so together we can immerse ourselves in an experience filled with outdoor play, experiential learning, and inspiring conversations.


    Every Lodged Out retreat is unique, different from the one before and the one after. This particular magic and connection comes from the people who decide to attend and commit to meeting new people and learning something enlightening. You are what makes this happen, and I feel honored to facilitate and attend every single event.


    It’s my hope that you come and join us soon. Now go outside. 🌲