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    For those of you who aren’t sure what Lodged Out is or why I started it, let me tell yah!


  • I've come to the realization that going to tech / work conferences isn't really my jam. They are typically in big cities that make me feel anxious and being an outdoorsy person it’s hard to find a dirt trail to hike on. Then there’s the hustle and bustle of being constantly on google maps and yelp finding where to go eat, sleep, and drink. I started to brainstorm about how the conference experience could be improved and I realized that my favorite part about them are panels and workshops! During a panel session you never know what you might learn and you get to hear people being authentic and telling stories. In workshops you get to talk with people, make new friends, and who doesn't prefer hands on learning in small settings! With all that in mind, my vision of unplugged conferences/retreats came when I combined my preference of playing in the dirt over playing on concrete with my fond childhood memories of going to summer camp.


    So hello this is Lodged Out. Unplugged retreats for makers, doers, adventurers, entrepreneurs and more. I want people to meet me in the woods without their daily distractions to learn from and support one another, share stories, collaborate, and make new genuine friendships. The themes will always change at each retreat but it will always stay an unplugged series in the woods at summer and winter camp lodges throughout the world.


    Just a little bedtime story for you 🌲